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Our Mission

The mission of Black Watch NY West is to develop a youth soccer player strong and resilient in character, technically and tactically proficient and physically able to meet the demands of the modern game of soccer through an environment that is rich with technical and professional instructors and mentors, highly motivated youth players, supportive families, routine and rigorous training, and competitive contests. 

Philosophy on Player, Team and Club Development

At BWNYW, the player...the team…and most dethefinitely Club all have demands and needs. Without a healthy and vibrant Club, a player most certainly cannot prosper, nor can a team. The days of the rogue and random team being the sole vehicle for players to develop and to reach their optimal goal of playing at the next level no longer exists.  The US Soccer Federation has certainly made it very clear in our national landscape, that it is the Club who is a vital cog or agent in a player’s development. The creation of the US Soccer Development Academy (USSDA) is the evidence behind that belief. At BWNYW, it is our primary goal to listen to and to try to support the US Federation and its youth national teams through player identification and development. The Club is proud of its members who have participated with the Federation and represented our country. In addition to the US Soccer Federation, BWNYW is mindful of professional soccer, including Major League Soccer (MLS), United Soccer League (USL), North American Soccer League (NASL) and Major Indoor Soccer League (MISL). 

In short, it is our belief that every staff member has an equal and vital share in every player’s development. A player is vertically mobile in the Club, depending on their technical competencies and their character. It is our mission as a technical staff to try to aid and enrich every player’s experience at Black Watch NY West.

Black Watch encourages any one interested in try-out or training contact:

Jim Hesch 716-818-1661 blackwatchnywest@yahoo.com

Southern Tier:
P.J. Gondek  716-640-4221  .