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Black Watch NY West Soccer is continually expanding and as such we have decided to move in a direction that will allow the incorporation of sponsorship within the club. As a club we are looking for a sponsor(s) that will be willing to finance certain aspects of club functions. In return, the sponsor(s) will be granted space on the Black Watch website, will be acknowledged on all media guides provided by Black Watch at tournaments/exhibitions, and will have the possibility to negotiate advertising space on club gear (bags, training tops etc) and the possibility of Black Watch jersey sponsorship.
Over the past few seasons we have seen substantial growth as a club and organization, from our small humble beginning of just one Black Watch team in our first year of operation, to the 11 exceptional teams currently in existence for 2012. From the start we have made it our mission to work tirelessly towards Black Watch’s common goal of providing each individual player the opportunity to develop their soccer talent and skill to the highest level possible.
As we continue to expand as a club and achieve on the field, we are looking to progressively push ourselves to the highest level attainable. Due to our continued success, we as a club have the opportunity to compete in the Super Y league of the United Soccer Leagues (USL), one of the most prestigious youth league competitions in the United States, this upcoming season. The USL is the feeder league to the MLS and operates all the major competitive leagues throughout the United States, Including the USL Pro, MISL, W league, PDL and Super 20’s. This is a tremendous chance to progress further as a club and provide successful teams the opportunity to compete against the best within our geographic region, providing tremendous exposure and experience.
As this is a huge step in the development of the club, their will, as can be expected, financial burdens to provide the necessary overheads that are associated with this expansion. It is the clubs prerogative to reach out within the local community to access club sponsor(s) that can help aid in providing the necessary financial support that will be required in this step forward.
Levels of Sponsorships
Club Entry Level - $250
Sponsor will receive a listing on www.blackwatchnywestsoccer.com as a Black Watch contributor.

Club Complimentary Level - $500
Sponsor will receive company link on www.blackwatchnywestsoccer.com.

Bronze Level - $750
Sponsor will receive company link on www.blackwatchnywestsoccer.com, plus the sponsor’s logo on all tournament profile sheets for a team of your choosing.

Silver Level - $1,000
Sponsor will receive company link on www.blackwatchnywestsoccer.com, plus the sponsor’s logo on all printed Black Watch material.

Gold Level - $4,500
Sponsor will receive company link on www.blackwatchnywestsoccer.com, plus the sponsor’s logo on all printed Black Watch material, Sponsor will also have company logo printed on Black Watch Jersey Sleeve for a team of your choosing.

Platinum Level - $ Negotiable
At the Platinum level of sponsorship we as a club are looking for a sponsor that can be associated as the premier club sponsor for Black Watch NY West Soccer. The sponsor will benefit from all of the above while having the ability to negotiate club wide jersey sponsorship dependent on the level of investment provided.
With all the sponsorship levels listed there is room for negotiation and adjustment of sponsorship amount along with the return on investment provided by Black Watch. We encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have about any of the sponsorships available.
Scholarship Fund
Each Year, Black Watch NY West Soccer provides hardship scholarships to individuals who display the talent to succeed at a high level of soccer but unfortunately do not have the financial means to afford the club fees. Too this point Black Watch has covered all costs associated with this fund to help these deserved individuals. With the move towards club sponsorship, we would like to offer the opportunity for your company to become the major contributor to this Scholarship fund which will entail the possibility of the fund being renamed in association with the main contributor.
Why Sponsor Black Watch?
  • Exposure
    • Black Watch locally operates in multiple venues in Buffalo and the surrounding communities including Sahlen’s Sports Park, Epic Center, SUNY Buffalo, Sportsplex and Buffalo State College year round.
    • Black Watch has become instantly recognizable in the soccer community with its distinctive Symbol and colors
  • Reach
    • Black Watch competes in leagues and tournaments throughout the North East, United States. Facing competition in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, and Maryland.
    • Black Watch competes regularly 10 months out of the year locally, regionally and nationally.
    • Black Watch currently operates 11 teams, along with a Black Watch Player Academy with nearly 200 youth players attached to the club.
  • Prestige
    • Black Watch is currently one of only 40 clubs nationally involved in the Nike Youth soccer and sports marketing program.
    • Black Watch itself is grouped with the nation’s elite soccer clubs including FC DELCO (PA), Dallas Texans (TX), Scott Gallagher (MO) and PDA (NJ).
    • Black Watch as a premier level soccer club is renowned in the soccer community for its professionalism and is an extremely well respected elite soccer club.