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Black Watch NY West

Pre-Season Soccer Fitness Program

Black Watch NY West Soccer will provide a soccer performance program designed for the needs of your Team. Our Pre-season soccer fitness program will look to develop your foot skills, shooting, fitness, speed, strength and on the field performance.  The goal of our program is to ensure all players are physically and mentally prepared for the rigors of their upcoming season

Black Watch NY West and staff have provided the premier level professional soccer training in Western NY for over 14 years. During this span our staff has guided players on to win state championships in club soccer, play varsity high school soccer, play at the collegiate level, and even into the professional ranks! Gain an edge over your competition with modern Skills, Shooting, Fitness, Speed, Agility and Strength training programs designed specifically for your Team!

Areas of Focus:

Aerobic & Anaerobic Endurance Conditioning
Imagine being fresh and strong in the latter stages of a game when everyone else around you is fading fast... As a coach, imagine your players reveling in the final 20 minutes as the opposition literally crumbles.

Strength & Explosive Power Conditioning
Muscular strength forms the foundation of nearly all athletic movements. Not only is it crucial for resisting challenges and winning tackles, the right type of strength will increase your speed, range of passing and jumping ability.

Speed, Agility & Quickness Conditioning 
Speed and quickness separates the outstanding players from the average – the successful teams from the runners up. As the standard increase… so does the speed of play. But being quick involves much more than just the ability to run fast. Savage-Williams Fitness Soccer Camp shows you how a quick player can be made… regardless of genetic makeup.

Technical Soccer Training

  1. BALL MASTERY: Emphasis on each player working independently with the ball using both feet. Repetition is the key here.
  2. RECEIVING and PASSING: This will involve exercises to improve a player’s touch and increase accuracy as well as creativity in passing.
  3. MOVES (1 v 1): Exercises which teach the moves that create space against any defense.
  4. FINISHING: Game play and exercises that teach techniques for finishing as well as nurturing instinctive play.
  5. GROUP PLAY: Games and exercises that improve small-group combination play.


Black Watch NY West will set up programs that fit the needs of your team.  Programs can vary in length of sessions and number of sessions, which will determine the price of the program.  For more information on setting up a program specific to your Teams needs contact Jim Hesch at 716-818-1661 or